Mike Chamberlin- guitars, guitar synth
Mike has played guitar for more than 40 years. Born and raised in Illinois, Early influences were Jimmy Page, David Gilmour and Neal Schon. After a phase of assorted metal band influences, Mike shifted interest to more  progressive music such as Yes, Kansas, Rush and later Dream Theater. After moving to SoCal in 1989, Mike joined the band Red Shift which  played clubs throughout SoCal in the early 90's. Looking for a fresh musical direction, Mike left Red Shift to start Hit n' Run. After a great run in the 90's, Mike took a break from music to start and raise a family. Since enjoying a stable life with his family, the urge to play music resulted in a phone call to old bandmates to rekindle an old fire. Mike started up Trainwreck in 2008 and although the band members have changed throughout the years, Mike is the sole original member in the current lineup.
guitars-Gibson Les Paul Standard ,Tom Anderson Drop Top, Musicman JP15,Jackson Dinky with sustaniac , Gibson SG doubleneck, Carvin SH550 semi hollow, Musicman JP15                   
amps-Fractal Axe FX III, Mesa Boogie Triaxis, Marshall JMP-1, ADA MP-1 preamp, TC Electronics G System , Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90 power amp
2- Mesa Boogie Rectifier 1x12  cabinets
guitar synth-Roland GR-20

Michael Clayton Moore-vocals
Mark Cummings-Bass

Mark was born and raised in Southern California and has been playing bass professionally for over 30 years. He studied music theory at Riverside Community College and specializes in most genres including rock, pop, reggae, country and blues and is an original member of California ska legends The Skeletones.
He has toured internationally and has shared the stage with such luminaries as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, The English Beat, Incubus, Smash Mouth, No Doubt, Sublime, Blink-182, Jefferson Starship and Steel Pulse to name a few. His discography includes fourteen full-length studio albums and numerous compilations. His playing has been featured on several international cable shows including MTV’s Viva La Bam, The Hills, Parental Control and Punk’d.
Mark is currently providing the low end and high harmonies for several groups and teaches both privately and publicly in Southern California.

 1986, no band name.
1990, Red Shift, Mike second from right
First version of Hit n Run,
Hit N Run 1994 Mike on right
Bob Richards-keyboards

Bob  is primarily a keyboard player  but also plays guitar, drums as well as contributes on vocals. Influences are broad including 60's to 90's rock/pop, Blues, Funk, Christian Contemporary, early progressive such as Genesis and Pink Floyd, stuff with Hammond B3, synth music, soundscapes/new age and some electronica. 
Keys: Korg Krome 88 & 55, Hammond XK-1, Roland VP550, Alesis QS6.2, Yamaha Cs1x, Korg Poly 800, Roland AX-7, Roland JV2080, Alesis S4, Korg N1R, Emu Vintage Keys, Korg Ms2000, TC Voice Prism,
Guitar:  Fender Strat, Ibanez Amp
sometime around 1977/78
Michael Clayton Moore showcases one the most versatile voices in the business! He has the ability to sing many genres of music including classical, legit musical theater, pop, rock and jazz. His Influences include Ann Wilson,Geoff Tate, Enrico Caruso, Paul Rodgers, Linda Perry, Freddy Mercury. Michael has learned about the voice thru private lessons and by studying the great singers. He is self taught on both guitar and keys.Aside from fronting Trainwreck, Michael performs a diverse acoustic solo/duo act, works as a “for hire” singer for different styles of bands and writes and sings for New Jersey based metal band ARCTIC FLAME. He also produces a holiday band in the style of TRAN SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA for whom he performs and writes with. Michael writes and produces current original project WindowFish.
Notable past experience: He performed with The Palm Beach Opera for 10 years as a Tenor and sang with the Palm Beach Players, a regional theater company. He has also performed the dual role of Don Curzio and Basilio in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro with the Gold Coast Opera in South Florida.He wrote and sang for critically acclaimed South Florida progressive rockband The TRUTH in the mid 90’s
Pro Audio: Audio Technica wireless mics and in-ear monitors, Ovation and Godin acoustics and an Ibanez electric guitar. He uses Apple MainStage for keys and effects

Scott Hacker-Drums    

Original version of Trainwreck 2008
Scott was born and raised in Southern California. He started playing drums at the age of 10 and was playing in his first professional, cover band at age 15. Scott has vast experience playing live and also in the recording studio. He has played headline shows at the Roxy and has recorded over 100 songs in the studio during his playing career. Scott plays a variety of styles of music with some of his influences being John Bonham, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl and Gavin Harrison. Scott plays a Roland TD-50x drum module, Roland cymbals and a custom-made Muzzio electronic drumkit.